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The Great Exchange

Well, it's Christmas time and with this holiday comes the giving and exchanging of gifts. Often times the exchange of gifts is a little unfair or unequal.

When my brother was in Junior High he had drawn names in his home room class at school. He and a friend were to then buy a Christmas present to exchange with one another costing $10 or less. My mom and my brother go shopping and they find a board game for $10 and made the purchase. My mom wrapped the gift, my brother took it to school at the appointed time and the exchange was made. My brother's friend received the board game that cost $10 and was extremely happy with his brother received a $1 composition book full of notebook paper and was very disappointed. An unfair and unequal exchange had occurred.

You know, the very reason for the season of Christmas revolves around an unfair exchange, an unequal exchange.

Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth in order to make an exchange. Christ would take our place. We would take His place. All of our guilt and sin, suffering, and shame would be transferred to Him. All of His holiness, righteousness, goodness, and acceptance would be transferred to us. He would die so that we might live. The point of the exchange would be a cross on a skull shaped hill named Golgotha.

Question? Have you made an exchange with Jesus? He has already died for you and took your place on the cross.....His gift is on the table, ready for you to receive it. Have you given Him your heart, your sin, your life and received a new heart, His forgiveness and eternal life? If so, be excited about the gift of salvation that you have recieved and re-gift the plan of salvation with others this holiday season.

If you haven't placed your faith in Jesus Christ just yet.....why not today? Why not right now? Simply, call upon the name of Jesus, believe in your heart that Jesus died for you and has risen from the dead. Call on Jesus and ask Him to save you today, He loves you and is waiting to make a great exchange with you!

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